MUMBRELLA – a hands-free umbrella for the stroller

Rain and sun protection for moms while pushing a stroller

We have all been there, struggling to get AND keep an umbrella over our heads while pushing a stroller in the rain at the same time. Kids usually have a cozy cover all over them to protect them from any down pouring rain, or if the sun is shining too bright or too high in the sky we just unfold the little roof which comes with any stroller. But the person pushing the stroller, that person has to juggle keeping the stroller moving AND holding on to an umbrella, along with the usual shopping bag, a bottle, keys and maybe even a phone to hold on to.

Not any longer. Mumbrella is here. A brand new umbrella you can attach to almost any stroller, adjustable in 2 points including a bendable area to get protection from sun or rain and still pushing a stroller, hands free. The Mumbrella doesn’t have the usual umbrella shape but is rather asymmetric with a vented canopy style for better adjustments and protection depending on the rain or sun’s direction.

They have a fun little video too. Visit their shop and you have the choice of 3 colors.

Mumbrella on the go