A bracelet to remember someone you love

Initials stamped in a gold-filled heart, strung on a silk cord bracelet

Last year, when we traveled to Valencia I saw a beautiful bracelet for kids, which I would have loved to wear myself too (but unfortunately only came in a kid size). I bought it for Mila but after wearing it for only a few minutes (while still in the store) she figured out how to take it off. Since she was still in that infant stage where she put almost anything in her mouth, it was a bit too risky to keep on her at all times (including naps), so we sadly had to leave it behind at the store.

A few months ago I came across the Etsy store SoulSilk, which makes beautiful adjustable bracelets made of silk cord. With a minimalistic aesthetic touch. They come with a 14k gold-filled heart, which you can get stamped with your initials. I loved the simplicity and bought two, one for Mila, one for myself. I love the matching approach on this one. We each have a “M” stamped on it. Hers stands for “MAMA”, mine stands for “MILA”. I asked the store owner, Robyn Wheatley, if she could add a little pearl at the end of each string for us to add a little details. It can also be a great friendship bracelet. SoulSilk also offers rose gold-filled or sterling silver hearts as an alternative and Robyn has plenty of colors to choose from for the bracelet: red, coral (my choice), gold, yellow, sage, green, light turquoise, blue, pink, lavender, purple, white, sand, grey, brown and black.

Do you have a matching bracelet or some sort of jewelry with your kids?