DIY – Unwanted dad's button down shirt turned into adorable girls dress

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Giving old clothes new purpose

A while ago I found this idea on Pinterest and my husband finally sorted out a few pieces in his closet. I took two of his shirts, he sorted out for a local charity organization, and decided to bring this idea to life. If you have a shirt, which is like brand new but got an ugly stain, it’s also perfect for this DIY project.

In our case the shirts had chest pockets, which I removed with small scissors. I gave the tailor sample dresses to make sure the new dresses will fit her well. The buttons on the front of the shirt can be the buttons on the back of the new dress or a decorational piece if you want to keep them in the front. You can just add simple elastic on the neck- and sleeve lines and the new dress is done. We went a step further and added little details such as ruffled arms or embroidery on the front. Endless possibilities! Oh, and please do not look to closely at the above pictures, my ironing skills definitely need some work.

Thinking about it, if you are into sewing yourself you can turn the shirts into doll dresses too. What is your favorite DIY project? Are you upcycling clothes? Love to hear about your projects.