Steiff – friends for life

Soft & cuddly stuffed animals



When I grew up I was fortunate enough to receive a few Steiff stuffed animals over the years. In Europe they are pretty well-known (they have been around since 1880!) and you might have seen their famous teddy bear here and there (Steiff actually invented the teddy bear). You can detect any Steiff animal by their “button in ear”. Recognize that?


Children just love their friendly faces, cuddly fur, and realistic designs. Their quality is really extra ordinary – thankfully my parents kept all of my Steiff animals and not only did all my younger sisters (3 of them!) got to cuddle and play with them but also now my daughter Mila. She especially took the big pig (it has her size and is fantastic to cuddle with) into her heart. Each one of my “old” Steiff plush animals look like new. Most of the fur is made of fabrics such as mohair, alpaca, cotton velvet, and woven fur. They take their quality control serious and actually – still to this day - each Steiff animal is hand-sewn and hand-finished by talented artisans in Germany.  Probably most of the animals you can think of, or your kids love, Steiff has done the plush version of it at some point. There is also a huge collectors market for Steiff products out there.

Sure, this quality has its price but there are always special occasions and I believe that Steiffis another example of a high quality multi-generational product and it’s better to have one of those than five other mediocre toys that won’t last but a few months.