BOOK REVIEW “WHO DONE IT?” by Olivier Tallec

A seek-and-find call to action on every page



Olivier Tallec is a talented illustrator who recently launched a new children’s book called WHO DONE IT?. It’s whimsical, funny, beautiful, entertaining and colorful with still lots of white space to not overwhelm littler readers. WHO ate all the jam" WHO forgot the swimsuit? WHO didn't sleep enough? On each page the reader is asked one question and has to identify the correct character of the lined up ones below. There's only one right answer, and it's not always easy!

Mila picks it up again and again and is still intrigued and entertained to hunt for clues in the details of each character, their expressions and positions. With it’s distinctive horizontal format it makes it a bit more unique & interesting and sit ticks out not only on the kids book shelf but also on the grown-ups coffee table.

Above pictured is the German version "Wer war's" (we picked it up during our Summer visit to see friends & family this year). The US version will be launched October 13th. Its available for pre-order on

WHO DONE IT by Olivier Tallec