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Adorable art by Sharon Montrose



I recently fell in love with photographs by the super talented Sharon Montrose. You don’t have to be an animal lover to fell in love with her arts too. The California based photographer captures animals like no other. Her unique style is led by putting animals against stark white studio backdrops, keeping it minimalistic and soft in colors. Its children’s art that adults can appreciate too. Playful, yet sophisticated.

I couldn’t resist and got a few prints from her whimsical nursery art collection “Little Darlings”. You know children love animals and they're one of the first things children learn to identify & name. And its fun to point at the photographs and make the sound of each animal. Its pretty & educational.

The photographs are available in a range of sizes and editions (both open and limited), offering options for various price points, starting at affordable $25 for a 8.5" x11 print. By the way, Restauration Hardware (RH) also noticed her…. And now its part of RH baby & child.

Good news for German customers: LeoZ (based in Berlin) acts as their distributor for Germany, Austria, Swtizerland, and Luxembourg. They have a selection of the bestsellers (including the entire Little Darlings series), which are available for immediate shipment.

Nice to know… The artists states on her website that “The animals photographed for this series are real live animals, raised (and many rescued) by loving, experienced, and dedicated animal keepers and handlers who care for them as their own and ensured their welfare while being photographed (in studio or outside at the facilities where they live, then photoshoped into the backdrop). Through this series, we help support several organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs, and nurturing wildlife. We're also a proud sponsor of the Pablove Shutterbugs program.”

Get yourself an adorable print @ The Animal Print Shop.

All photo credits by The Animal Print Shop.