A changing pad for your peanut…

… The Peanut Changer



We originally bought this changing pad [ made by Keekaroo ] mostly due to its funky design and after the first usages we quickly realized that’s its also awesome because of its easy clean up. Now if you have a little mess, just wipe it clean - No more washing covers in case you had a standard pad before.

As we had our fare shares of accidents I noticed the peanut shape keeps the liquids in the center, making it an easy & clean swipe with a paper towel. And our daughter also really liked the surface. Kind of smooth. Oh and it is water resistant, so the fluids can’t penetrate into the pad and create molds or other yucky stuff. And even if you have a super active, wiggly baby the pad is slip resistant and doesn’t just move off the changing table. Of course, try your best to always use the safety strap.

Most of the items we review on Designerbaby.com are free of all the chemicals you don’t want near a baby. And so is the Keekaroo:

• Latex-FREE
• Phthalate-FREE
• Formamide-FREE
• Non-Toxic

It comes in so many (actually 6) colors – its easy to find one for your nursery style. You can get one here, just pick your color. Beware: May cause analysis paralysis.
Nice to know: It is also JPMA Certification Program certified.