THE BIG BOOK OF ART by Herve Tullet

An ingenious, beautiful and interactive first book of art



We recently received this art book by Herve Tullet (New York Times bestselling author of Press Here and many other art books for kids) and we have been flipping through it every since. It never gets boring: Straight lines, squiggly lines, thick lines, thin lines, blobs, circles, splashes, cutouts. It’s not just only plain beautiful but kids can actually be artists themselves simply by turning the pages and recreating new pieces of art. Some pages are cut in half horizontally and allow for colorful, abstract mixing and matching.

Imagine, with a flip of a half page, what was a page filled with squiggly lines changes into a half page of curvy lines joining a half page of straight lines. Or, a section with rectangular cutouts becomes a double layer of obscure die-cut lattice designs covering up the crosses, which were just on the other page blinking through the cutouts. So there is always some sort of new constellation going on which makes it engaging and super fun.

This book is teaching young minds to think imaginatively, independently and creatively. And with all its colors it’s great even for kids as young as 2 years. I also got a few ideas from it myself for new DIY and arts projects at the house for the coming months.

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