Versatile furniture for kids
[ anywhere in the house ]



While flipping through a design magazine the other day I discovered SMALL DESIGN, a Danish furniture design company that combines modern and playful so well.

So far they launched 3 major lines: CIRCLE – CUBE & LINK. The CIRCLE includes a table and set of 4 chairs. It’s pretty, clean and functional but also thoughtful: If chairs are not in use, just hide them under the table. It’s great for saving space and easy cleaning. Chairs are also stackable.

The CUBE is a 2-in-1 kind of piece: It can be a chair or a table. It’s so simple and aesthetic yet very functional. They are easy to turn and move, which makes them perfect for the children to use however they want.

The LINK can fit easily anywhere in the house [ think hallway to slip in and out of shoes, children’s corner in the living room etc ] and can be used as a table or grow with the child and can later also be used as a bench.

We love the beautiful contemporary design with its simple geometric shapes and functional forms and the bright playful colors make it easy for kids to fall in love too. All pieces are made of birch plywood with laminate - manufactured locally in Denmark to ensure quality.