Billedleg Wooden Fishing Set

Danish craftsmanship and a new favorite toy: Wooden Fishing Set



On our recent trip to Copenhagen we discovered this beautiful co-op store DANSK HANDVÆRK, which sells the wooden kids toys made by Billedleg. How beautiful is their store front, right?


We picked up a “fishing set": 6 brightly colored fish and one fishing rod with a little magnet build in. Each fish has a metal ring looped through a hole so you can “fish” it with the magnetic end of the fishing rod. It promotes fine-motor-skill development and boosts the eye/hand coordination as kids fish. I love it because it's great for independent and collaborative play when other kids are over! Mila just has so much fun collecting the fish over and over again. We even painted a little lake for the fish to swim in.

If you are not living near Copenhagen to visit the store yourself you can follow instructions here to make a DIY fishing set or check out one of these sets here, here and here.