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The team behind Goose Grease started out with hand-chiseled (on an electric lathe) and hand-painted dolls (we love their little faces they draw on) and expanded their line of products by also selling unpainted supplies, putting together kits of all kinds for people to paint themselves. And they are just so perfectly quirky - great for those of us looking for something a little different.

The kits come packed with everything you will need: From the dolls and paint to brushes, toothpick (for the eyes!), varnishes and even sandpaper for mistakes. All materials are completely kid safe.

Goose Grease DIY Family Set

For some inspiration watch their doll making video here and their step-by-step painting video here to get your own family portrait translated into wooden pegs dolls. Mila is still a bit young to paint her own but I can just see a whole line up of these down the road sitting on her shelf.

All of the products are fair trade – a cause we all like to support. Goose Grease established a fair trade relationship with a small carpenter in Bogotá, Colombia, who is making their doll bodies. Just around the corner from us here in Panama. All painted dolls are hand-painted in Brooklyn, NY.

Good to know: They even make Cake Toppers (think of birthdays, weddings etc)

Visit their ETSY shop here. If you are in NYC they are having "GOOSE GEAR ART CAMP" for kids age 5-10 August 17-21.