Please meet Sam & Julia

Discover the world of Sam & Julia in the Mouse Mansion



Ok, this book is recommended for 4 years and up but I would say it is never too early to meet Sam & Julia. And so does my daughter - she fell in love with those two little mice when my oldest and dearest friend (gosh, almost 30 years now, this makes me feel old!) gave her the book "Das Mäusehaus". My friend lives now in Amsterdam where the book quickly became a super success after launching in 2011. Since then it has been licensed to Japan, France, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Australia and soon it will be published in the USA "The Mouse Mansion".

So, let me introduce you... Sam & Julia are 2 mice kids living in the Mouse Mansion and their stories bring the mansion to life. Julia is pretty curious and fresh, Sam on the other hand is a bit on the shy side. Either way they are best friends and experience many funny adventures in the Mouse Mansion. It took the author Karina Schaapman 3 years to build the Mouse Mansion, in which all photos of the childrens book were taken. It is nearly two meters wide and three meters high and has over a hundred rooms. They are filled with adorable little details which are all hand made by the author. Its a work of art made out of fabric from differenct centuries, paper [ e.g. see picture of little pitchers ], wood & wax. Karina says "It all began with sewing a patchwork blanket of five by eight inches. I remembered such a blanket from the book by Clinge Doorenbos. Then I made a crib which required a room to put it in and just by chance there was a cardboard orange box in my room. I put it on its side and decided it was big enough to house a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom." The Mouse Mansion is a cozy and comfortable world with lots of adventures happening. A lovely little minitatur world where the little ones get lost in their imagination. If you speak Dutch or German, here is a fun video about the auther and background info on the book.

The Mouse Manison is already for sale in Netherland, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Korea, Turkey, Australia and soon available for sale in the USA.