The sculpturing toy for all generations



Funky. Wild. Different. Artistic. Silly.  Words, which come to mind when playing with ZoLO.  ZoLO – painted pieces of wood in the most creative shapes and colors - gets you even if you feel like you have no sense of creativity in you to say the least. You get to connect them in fun different ways to create quirky, random characters.

Its been around since 1986 and I clearly remember when my dad brought home a wooden box with the first ZoLO pieces. In fact those memories made me pick up a set for my daughter. The design aesthetic and  craftsmanship brought them into museums such as The Museum of Modern Art.

My favorite set is the ZoLO~ology box with over 100 pieces for an open-ended play and endless imagination. ZoLO’s motto is “to plant seeds of creative thinking, that sprout invaluable problem-solving skills, which are essential to growing a happier planet for all of us. ” – Not for nothing do I remember this toy from more than 2 decades ago!