Mila with 2 juices in Copenhagen

The liquid meal



Travel to any bigger city and its pretty much a guarantee that you will find a juice place, which offers healthy green juices. You know its good for you, you know it can be packed with so many nutrients it can replace a whole meal and give your digestive system a little well deserved break) once in a while. But the question is – how do you convince the little people to actually swallow down green liquids?

One of Mila’s favorite green smoothie recipes (makes 2 kids portions) is

Milas Favorite Green Smoothie

Blend all until smooth. Sprinkle with Chia seeds or grated coco if your kids like it. Any leftovers store in airtight container such as BALL glasses or recycled marmalade jars. Its pretty sweet and fruity and kids tend to like it too. Above is a snapshot of Mila the airport in Copenhagen a few weeks ago, not getting enough green juices.

The green part can be spinach (my favorite as it is mild and not very “grassy”), kale, chard, boy choy, lettuce, dandelion and another favorite is fresh moringa leaves or use romaine and even broccoli (which is surprisingly delicious). The golden rule is about 2 cups of leafy greens + 2 cups of liquid base + 3 cups of fruits. Now start playing with what your fridge and local market has to offer.

Green Smoothie Storage in Ball Glass

And a fancy, bright colored straw can only help to get kids excited to try it. Also if you are new to it, try freezing the juice first into popsicles and hand it to the kids as an afternoon treat. Do you have any good recipes to share?