A glue. Stick it, shape it and it will turn into rubber.



One of the coolest new discoveries I have made in a while: Sugru. A play dough type of material, which turns into durable rubber with endless possibilities of usage. Actually my husband discovered it and we have been playing with it all over the house since it came in [ photos above ].

So imagine a piece of soft, doughy-like material which you can form in any shape you can imagine, attach it to almost any surface, wait 24h and find it hardened into flexible smooth silicone rubber. Its an all round talent: water proof, dishwasher proof, temperature and UV resistant, removable and even electrically insulating.  Think of, fixing your kids wellies which got a little cut/ hole; make better or unique grips on ski sticks, bikes, knives, garden tools; fix a leaking water can or ripped flip flops etc but you can use Sugru for more than just those pragmatic fixes. For example turn Sugru into tactical buttons on household appliances so blind people can use them too, or turn driftwood into toilet paper holders, make flower pots and bowls or make an easy hook (no screws) on the wall in a bright color to hang your kids latest art work [ see more photos below from Sugru's website ].

They come in packages of black, white or 8 different colors. It comes with instructions of the percentages you have to mix the colors and you can match almost any color and achieve invisible fixes. Their online shop ships worldwide.

As the “not yet hardened” material can cause allergic reactions it might not be suitable to let your kids “play” with it but you can certainly create a lot of useful things, helpers and even toys for kids.