Ancient Greek Wing Sandals

Beautiful handmade shoes



For a while now I have had a pair of Ancient Greek Sandals with wings in my closet and love to wear these. On ETSY I recently discovered the account of Eleni Athini who sells the mini version (and the adult!) of these fabulous shoes so the little people in this world get to wear them too. The sandals are playful but not over the top and I specially love them in a neutral leather color for my daughter. And it pairs easily with almost any summer outfit & colors. They are very well done and solid.

This Greek designer who is based in Athens makes them all by hand. She is super responsive by email and lets you know as soon the sandals are on its way. They come in a variety of colors. Contact her for availability. Use the code SANDALS and get free shipping if you buy 2 pairs. Greek entrepreneurs could use a helping hand right now… Mila got her pair while we were in Europe this summer and even though they are still slightly too big, she loves wearing them already.