A pocket sized garden



Although I have heard about seedbombs a few years ago already I recently found them again in one of the most beautiful children stores in Munich, Germany and thought that needs to be shared.

Seedbombs are little innovative balls, usually made of clay, compost and seeds. Ready to be thrown or placed in deserted, empty & ugly places in your city to grow into beautiful and colorful flowers and plants. Just with rain and the nutrients in the ball. It’s that easy.  Actually the idea of seed bombs is not new at all. It’s an ancient way to sow crops in difficult to reach land using crop seeds, clay and sometimes manure formed into small balls. This technique was also often used in areas, which were burned down through fire and wiped out the vegetation.

I think it is not just fun for kids to get involved but a great act by planting more beauty in their neighborhood and food for bees. It also teaches them first hand to get involved and see something grow. Help them see how a once grey concrete space can actually be turned green and colorful. Kids will see and learn that they can make an impact.

What I love is that seedbombs are small enough so kids can carry them around in their pockets and “throw” them where they see need…. They make great little gifts and party favors too.

If you live in Germany check out Die Stadtgaernter for your local seedbomb supply. In the UK you can shop seedbombs here and in the US they are available at Anthropologie or at Seedles, which sells even colored seedbombs.

Get a kit to make your own seedbombs. Or turn it into a complete DIY project and follow instructions here. Shape them into hearts and give as a gift!