The play credit cards for kids



SO AWESOME makes super durable plastic cards with educational purpose. Currently they feature 5 different sets of cards:

  • “Alphabet” wallet cards feature 26 illustrations of fascinating objects to learn the ABC
  • “Numbers” wallet cards are designed to aid children ages 3 to 6 in learning to count quantities of items, and to recognize and read written numerals. 
  • “Go” wallet card set features paper-cut images of people moving in exciting ways  – on skateboards, in hang-gliders, on skis!
  • “Color & Shape” set comes with 12 watercolor and ink illustrations of colorful shapes. The back side displays a solo colored shape, the color and shape’s name are written in English, Spanish and French.
  • They recently launched the “House” cards – illustrations of rooms in the house to expand the kids' vocabulary.

I just love them as they are light, fit right into my purse, are easy to clean but most importantly they are a guaranteed entertainment toy for Mila. Oh, and did I mention they are beautifully illustrated too?

They are Montessori-inspired, definitely a big plus. It’s the perfect toy to pick up if you are in need of the little something, which engages your kids while traveling. The cards are hole punched in the top corners and are lined up on a re-closable ring (loosing a card is difficult as long as you keep them on the ring at least). So a great toy to tag along on long boring airplane & car trips and last weekend I just attached it to the shopping cart while doing the weekly groceries.

Perfect for curious 0 to 6 year olds! Oh and they ship worldwide! They also sell a Super Bundle (4 decks + nice discount) and a “GET 1, GIVE 1” Super Bundle where you get your Super Bundle and you are donating a matching set to a nonprofit, which they change every quarter.