Lékué Steam Case

Dinner ready in 20 minutes



Our Spanish friends Judit & Ignacio, who live on a sail boat here in the islands of San Blas, on the Caribbean coast off Panama introduced us to this genius cooking tool: A silicone steam case by Lekue, so easy to handle and clean. You literally can have a healthy meal on the table in less than 20-25 minutes. Including prep work.

So, the other I chopped up some onions, garlic and zucchinis. Poured some water in the bottom of the tray of the Lekue steam case, laid the vegetables on top of the tray, added 3 fish filets and topped it all with fresh herbs, sliced olives and a little bit of olive oil. Put it in the oven (also suitable for the microwave) and 15 minutes later.... Voila. Lunch served. It’s so easy and flavorful as the food basically cooks in its own juice and steam enhances the flavors and aromas. It locks in all the moisture and the food won’t dry out. You can add broth or wine as well and since it comes with a tray, the food doesn’t sit in the liquid and gets soggy but rather soaks up the flavors of the steam coming from the bottom. I have not tried it but it also cooks pasta, rice and stews and even desserts (think of warm peaches with a spiced honey syrup etc).

It couldn’t be easier. And so was the clean up. You can also throw it in the dishwasher. Here is a little product video. They come in 2 sizes and different colors. Available on their website or Amazon. Check out their other clever kitchen products.