A great travel companion



The car seats for babies are bulky (I always hit my knees with it) but still their weight is ok to handle – even when traveling. But when your child outgrows it and is in need for the next car seat, things get even bulkier and much heavier. It’s fine if you leave it in your car and do not move it. But it’s not suitable for traveling by plane etc. If you travel a good amount with your kids, first those car seats provided by rental car companies can be nasty but they also add up if you are doing several trips a year.

So when I discovered the IMMI GO car seat I was super excited. Its light-weight (only 10 lbs/ 4.5 kgs), easy to install & store (comes with a storage bag), very portable (compare to the regular ones) and SAFE! IMMI, the company behind it, is known for innovative safety solutions like buckles, harnesses, restraints, etc.) They also offer the kids safety seats for school buses. So they know their business. They have installation videos for most vehicles to make it easy for the first time use. The IMMI GO seat is designed for kids with a height of 31” up to 52” (78-132 cm) and weighing between 22-55 lbs (10-25 kgs).

I should mention though that if you have a toddler and are driving for several hours your regular car seat might be more comfortable for your child as it provides more support for the head to rest on. But it’s totally fine for the vacation time.

Also this is the car seat of choice by UBER and by all emergency vehicles in the USA. If you are also done with lugging around your heavy car seat you can order an IMMI GO here.