A sprouting book with an educational message



A small Argentinean children’s book publisher - Pequeño Editor - just launched a new children’s book, which comes with a great new twist. It is part of a project called Tree-Book-Tree and the seed embedded book grows back into a tree after reading the story. Basically kids can plant the book in soil and it will grow into a tree. The book's title is "Mi papá estuvo en la selva" (My dad was in the jungle), by Gusti Llimpi and Anne Decis and talks about a rainforest and promotes the respect for all living things.

It’s also beautifully made, hand-stitched and contains only acid-free paper with ecological inks. I also like that it transmits another message to all the young readers and gives them a valuable hands-on learning experience to give back to the environment. The book is for kids ages 8-12. It looks like for now the book is only available to educational institutions in Argentina.

But.... How great would it be to have drawing paper that can be planted and grow a tree? Or birthday invitations? As Pequeño Editor puts it “Books come from trees. Today, a tree comes from a book.” This can be applied to many different paper goods. So, maybe we have a new DIY project to embed seeds into homemade paper products?

* photos by Pequeño Editor - screenshots of their product video