Heart Of Fruits And Vegetables

Feeding tip for toddlers & kids



Feeding kids can be a tricky and sometimes a time consuming daily activity. Some kids just eat it all, happily and could always eat more, but some are a bit more tricky. Although Mila is eating pretty well, we have had to come up with our fare shares of little tricks. Mostly, because we put an emphasis on the healthy ingredients… which are not always welcomed with open arms with a 2-year old.

But… My genius husband came up with that simple, yet so effective trick of ONE-ONE. Basically it means, ONE spoon of the “favored” food, and ONE spoon of the “not so favored” food (but the one which makes the parent happy and the kid strong & healthy). And just like that it works like a charm… in our household at least. She hears the word ONE-ONE and all the fuss is over and we continue happily to finish our meals.

Give it a try! Let me know how it works for you. Or if you have a different trick, please do share! Would love to hear from you!