Beautiful artwork not just for the nursery



I recently stumbled upon this art print featuring an illustration for each letter of the alphabet. Isn’t it beautiful? It was created from an original gouache painting by the very talented Anna Bond. Together with her husband Nathan Bond, they started Rifle Paper Co, a stationery and gift brand based in Florida back in 2009.  It started as a small stationary business, which quickly grew into something much bigger. They now have over 120 employees and were named to the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies.

Despite their fast growth, to this day they print all of their paper products in the USA and assemble them by hand in their studio to ensure every product is inspected before packaging and shipping.

Kids will have fun getting to know the alphabet and animals at the same time with this super cute animal alphabet poster. Anna Bond definitely didn’t choose only the obvious animals kids can find in alphabet books such as zebra, bear and elephant. Love it, that she includes the not so common but quirky ones too like jellyfish, xerus (to be quiet honest I wasn't familiar with this African squirrel right away) or urchin.

Want your child to learn the alphabet the cute way? Stop by at their online shop @ Rifle Paper Co. They also make lovely personalized stationary, invitations (planning a birthday party any time soon?), wallpapers and recently they even did a collection for LESPORTSAC. Also don’t miss their beautiful city art prints. I just love anything travel related....