Too pretty to hide in the toy bin

The spinning top is one of the oldest toys in the world, and one of the most facet-rich ones. No wonder you’ll find historical tops in various toy museums all over the world.  I grew up with a bigger sized one, made out of metal/ tin. It was beautiful and colorful but recently I am falling more for the smaller, more delicate ones, made out of wood. The old school way.

Most spinning tops come in lots of colors and shapes to attract little hands and brains. They are great to engage children in taking an active role in the process of playing, creating their own imaginative stories. Some can spin for minutes.  One of my favorite designers, Charles Eames, who was also an avid toy collector once said "Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are preludes to serious ideas."

Above are a few of my favorite spinning tops. So beautiful you won’t mind if your kids leave them laying all around the house.

Photo #1: Austrian team Klaus and Margit Mader's tops are beautifully handcrafted from hardwoods native to their region. You can easily recognize them by the mark of all of their models: the burned-in stripe at the spinning top´s equator. From classic & colorful to long & spindly. An endless selection.

Photo #2: Designed and made by hand in Greece by The Wandering Workshop. Created to encourage creative play. Each wooden top has a distinct combination of colors and form making for a unique personality and way of spinning!

Photo #3: Talented “woodturner” with an ETSY shop who creates spinning watermelons to lollipops, besides the more classic shapes.

Photo #4: Inspired by Charles Eames and designed by Kleinreid, these spinning tops by Herman Miller are here to “inspire work through play”. Each limited-edition top is crafted from a solid piece of walnut.

Photo #5: A very creative approach on spinning tops by designer Catherine Stolarski. Nothing short of fringes, 3D printed polyamid, polyurethane foam and classic materials such as wood and fabric. Her online shop will be available soon.

Check out ebay as well for some amazing vintage finds.

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