Magnetic Wooden Toys to Change a Nation



Tegu wood blocks have been a round for a few years now but a friend just recently introduced them to me. And it was love at first sight. I am a big fan and believer of wooden toys in general. And Tegu takes this concept a bit further. But let me start from the beginning.

When Tegu was developed the founders, brothers Chris and Will Haughey, wanted to help a nation and its people but didn’t have the intentions of creating a kids toy right away. After traveling to Honduras they were wondering how to address poverty in a more sustainable way and they quickly discovered that Honduras was home to beautiful tropical hardwoods (which could be sustainably harvested).  A few months later, while traveling in Germany, they came across the crafty wood toys and their idea was born.

They researched and developed for a year and came up with the genius idea to switch up the regular wooden building blocks by adding strong magnets to them. In the inside. Basically, they put a bit of new life into a favored classic.

So no more falling down towers, but rather animals, buildings, objects in a more 3D way while freely standing up on any flat surface. Also working with the polarity of magnets is something different for a child and a fun way to learn how to work around challenges. One of the founder says “Tegu comes to life through the imagination of the kids using them and not with batteries or on/off switches”. Just love that.

So you can spark a kid’s imagination and also make a difference in Honduras. So, when you purchase a Tegu toy, you are given the opportunity to direct a portion of the proceeds to two Tegu initiatives:
1.    Reforestation – So 1 tree makes about 500 Tegu sets and with each purchased toy you can choose to replant 12 trees in Honduras OR
2.    Education - Giving a kid an education by funding one day of school for a child who would otherwise work on a trash dump.

Check out their gallery website where parents and kids from around the world upload their Tegu photos. Receive a coupon code for 10% off and free US shipping.

Nice to know: All of their blocks are designed to work together. Oh, and the name Tegu comes from the capital of Hunduras Tegucigalpa.