Are you always looking for cool toys for on the go, too? The ones, which are easy to grab, fitting in your purse and not too heavy and that are just endlessly entertaining for the little ones? Check out the magnatab from KID O.

It’s a board with little magnetic balls enclosed, which you can pop up to the surface with the magnetic pen (which comes with the toy). Then you can simply erase with the tip of your finger. It’s that simple. Yet, kind of addictive.

My daughter, almost 2, is constantly playing with it since she got her hands on it. But also older kids love it, they play differently with it but with the same level of fun and enthusiasm. Drawing, learning shapes and numbers, even writing. It allows children to be creative in a different way. Mila’s favorite thing so far seems the erasing part, pushing the tiny balls back down. She loves to make music with it too. Kids are easily entertained for hours and its perfect for traveling and restaurant visits due to its size and weight.

My husband Drew loves it almost as much as Mila. Its relaxing and takes your mind off things. I might have to get a second one...

You can find it at these [ online ] retailers or at Amazon.