A wooly, soft new friend

This sheep is made by French brand “Les Jouets Libres” and is just begging you to get snuggled up in a soft, woolen blanket. It’s a fabulous toy for a cozy afternoon and kids can develop patience but also perseverance.

It’s a simple concept — it’s a wooden sheep, so to speak naked, and it comes with little holes. Kids then can thread the wool in and out of the holes easily with a wooden “needle” to cover the sheep with a beautiful fur. It’s a great introduction to knitting. Mila might be still a bit small, but her birthday is around the corner, and this little lady will turn 3. I just ordered a Woody for her!

Good to know: Wool is organic, produced by one of the last French wool mills and the wood comes from local French forest.

I think it makes a beautiful gift, as it comes in a creative, curiosity-arousing packaging. Great to make little eyes get really big.