Boya crayons

The tear-shaped crayons for all people (little and big) who love art

There are lots of crayons out there and that’s fantastic. There can’t be enough. Croatian designer Maja Mesić though came up with a very unique shaped one. Her tear-shaped crayons (Boya’s) allow the wrist to be free and encourages a more natural and fluid movement. This ergonomic form also makes it super easy and fast to fill out bigger surfaces rather than the need to fill them with lots of lines. Their color palette is gorgeous and bright and even includes metallics. And what probably all parents will love it the neat fact that those crayons do not leave traces on hands (and clothes) while drawing. No wonder this product received the RedDot Design Award.

If you like the concept of a crayon, which allows you to use your very own best hand positioning (and doesn’t restrict you like the regular stick-shaped ones) you can buy Boyas here and here. They are not just for kids!