A different crayon

Not just for art…



Crayons are the go-to tool for children for anything art. It’s the child’s first writing tool and those crayons should be those that encourage kids to use a tripod grip (thumb, first and second fingers) to develop excellent hand writing skills later in life.

Our daughter’s grandma is visiting from the US right now and brought along those super cool stackable crayons. They are so versatile. Sure, foremost they are crayons to paint, draw and color but they are also fun to stack into towers, arrange into patterns, line them up etc. They can be turned into puppets and at the tip they have a little hole so you can even thread them onto twine for a rainbow necklace.

What parents love: They do not break and therefore can NOT become a choke hazard and also it means less pieces to pick up at the end of the day. The crayons are basically hollow cones which makes them not only a great shape for little hands to easy grip, draw and paint, but with the help of the cone shape they spin around in playful circles rather than rolling off the table and are gone forever under sofa and cupboards. Every side of the crayon can be used to draw. Of course: They are non-toxic, odorless, and what I love most colors will not smear (clean hands) and they are washable.

You can get your sculptural crayons at Amazon.