DO GOOD TO YOURSELF (and your baby)

I am really into healthy eating & a healthy balanced lifestyle in general. Part of this is also beauty & skincare products. The skin is our largest organ and a reflection of your overall health. The body absorbs toxins (like the chemicals in your skin care products) that can clog your skin. We all know how this can end up looking… And toxins and chemicals and all those bad boys are the last thing you want on your baby.  For my daughter’s first year of life we barely used any skincare products on her. We used a very mild soap and a diaper rash cream once or twice. There were no rashes to clean up, no dry skin, eczema or other needs.

Anyways, there is a decent selection of organic skincare brands out there and even here in Panama you can find a few. But Zoe Organics (a dear friend introduced me to the brand) takes it a step further. And that’s how they inspired and won me over. Not only are they using the most pure, organic and 100% natural ingredients and materials but each and every product is handcrafted. Now that is a devotion that speaks a different language.

I also like how they picked their brand name, as Zoe means "life," and they made it their mission to celebrate and protect the lives of our children, family, community and planet. 

You can get your “peace of mind” skincare products (for yourself, your baby, your friend, your mom, you name it) right on their website.