Lefty Munchler

You eat with your eyes [first] ...



Our daughter recently started to join a little playgroup/ pre-school [ a local community effort ] and all kids get together at 10 AM, sit down on their little chairs and eat their snacks brought from home. To make it a bit more exciting and treat it as a special occasion she got a new lunch bag. When she was born we already had a dog at home [ a rescued lab & border collie mix ] and they became best friends quickly. They constantly entertain as much as they tease each other. At times its hilarious. Anyways, her love for animals, dogs in particular grew from the first day she came home from the hospital. So, it was natural to get her THAT lunch bag. THAT lunch bag is a dog shaped BYO Munchler Lunchbox made by BUILT NY and designed by award-winning children's book illustrator Stephen Savage. The bag comes with a little cute tag introducing Lefty, the dog to your child "Lefty is a clever little puppy. He loves to play catch and run in the park, but most of all he loves to EAT. He'll eat anything - meat, bones, veggies, even sneakers. Take good care of him and he'll be your best friend."

Good to know... Munchlers are made from polypropylene, a washable plastic, and are lead free. They are insulated to keep food and drinks fresh. Best of all, Munchlers unzip completely to serve as a placemat [ see picture ] and are wiped clean in a second. BUILT also offers other animal shaped lunch boxes like Benny the tiger, Meadow the rabbit or Boo the pig. They have little handles for little hands and they measure about 7.8" x 6.0" x 5.0" [ 19.8 cm x 15.2 cm x 12.7 cm ].

Get your Lefty lunch bag here.