The PlayTray

No more food mess, knocked over liquids or scratches in your table from kids cutlery



We decided on a STOKKE Tripp Trapp early on as it has been a long loved family piece for a long time before our daughter was born. My little sisters (much younger ... but thats another story) grew up with the Tripp Trapp and as it basically grows with your child from as young as 4 months to your seventies, it was a no brainer. BUT... It doesn't come with a practical tray and has to be pushed to the dining table etc.

Here comes in the brilliant innovation called PlayTray. Kind of your child's own personal little table. Baby can eat anywhere now. But not just eating, but playing, discovering, do arts and much more. Its spillsafe with the raised up edge and super easy to clean (just wipe and voila). Its designed in Danmark and free of Phthalate, BPA, Latex, PVC and all those nasty things. Its also safe in the sense that your child can no longer push away from the dining table and do some dangerous rocking.

On a personal note they have amazing customer service as we had a small problem with our tray and they shipped a replacement all the way from Germany to Panama! Free of charge!

To get a PlayTray you can try one of the following:
In Germany visit
If you need one in the rest of Europe have a look here.
In the USA you will be able to find the PlayTray on Amazon.