Where is the cat? Outside... or is it hiding inside?



My best friend at home in Germany just gave my daughter one of her favorite new toys - A super colorful Nesting Block Set with Animal Friends from Djeco, a French toy company. The 6 nesting blocks are made of sturdy and safe cardboard, beautiful designs and are representing homes for different animals - starting with a small birdhouse at the top. Each cube has a round or square opening. There are adorable 6 animals which are PVC-free & squeezable and are sized perfectly for little hands.

It's a great start for fun and imaginative play and offers unlimited play & teach time. Interact with your child and develop his/ hers cognitive growth in language, logic, interaction and teach the different shapes, colors, numbers and vocabulary. "What is the cow doing in the pig house?" "Which animal is hiding in the blue house?" or "Where is house number 2?". Although it states for ages 18 months or older my daughter just turned one and has all the fun she could have with it already. But watch out - the little ones might like to chew on the cardboard blocks still.

In need for a gift? You can get your nesting blocks here.