Benni’s Nest - The other bassinet

A fantastic idea from Austria for a newborn’s deep and healthy sleep

Sometimes a seemingly tricky situation can be turned into a successful and sustainable idea. That was the case with Family Pröll in Austria. Their second son was a preemie and had trouble sleeping. But on the good advice of the grandmother, they changed it all: In Austria it used to be tradition to put a newborn into the drawer of a “Zirbenholz” (local pine wood) dresser and it worked. He slept calm, deep and for long periods. 

So the family wanted to share this “magic trick” with other families. Together with a local carpenter they developed a bassinet (Benni's Nest) to give a similar feeling as the drawer of the dresser gave their son to guarantee the best possible feeling of security and warmth for any newborn. It’s also made of the same local type of pine, which only grows in the high mountains of the Alps and is famous for its pleasant smell and has a calmingeffect on babies. Perfumers and scientists alike, are fascinated by this pine because the smell is still as intense after 200 years as it is at the beginning.

What I love about the bassinet and its design: It is not just a short term piece of (beautiful, neutral) furniture for young babies, no it’s super versatile. The oval shaped wooden box comes with a cover so you can use it later for useful storage (think of toys, extra clutter to hide etc) and it also comes with a beautiful “loden” fabric (to cover the previous mattress) and by flipping the nest up-side-down it easily turns into a funky seating bench. It’s light-weight (4 kgs/ 8.8 lbs) and can be easily carried around the house, with or without a baby in it. Each bed is made by hand with lots of love and will be shipped within 7 days. Please visit their online shop to see, which countries they are currently shipping to.