Baby Bites Sleeping Bags

Originality to an everyday product



Although we are almost out of the “sleeping bag age” and with an average night temperature of above 20 Celsius we – unfortunately – do not have the need for “Baby Bites” sleeping bags. But gosh, they are just too adorable not to share with you.

Baby Bites (from Spain) makes 2 types of sleeping bags: One for newborns in the shape of a star fish (comes in 3 colors). And for older babies the shark shape ones. They are so cozy looking and the color options are endless. Each of their sleeping bags are packed with so many little details and even the inside fabric varies from model to model.

But the shark’s purpose is not only to be a sleeping bag alone. It has endless usages such as a winter warmer to put inside the stroller to stay warm, a play mat for the bigger kids, a rug to take a little nap on, or clip to some a cloth hanger and use it to collect laundry….

All their products are hand made, with 100% cotton & local collaborations and lots of care.

Add some originality to your life! Visit their online shop, they ship worldwide!