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The Holztiger brand, another wonderful example of German craftsmanship and passion for sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing (in the past we also wrote about the eco-fashion label Macarons), creates large wood figures, which are great to grip for children's hands. They are individually handcrafted out of solid maple wood with softly round edges. All figures are painted by hand using nontoxic, water based paints and they are sealed with a nontoxic water lacquer to protect the toys from perspiration and saliva.

You can find all types of trees, animals from far away, animals which live on farms & safaris or under water to kings & castles and even an Noah’s Ark. Create fantasy worlds - over the years - complete with people, animals, trees and plants. Holztiger so far offers the following worlds: Wilderness Adventure, On The Farm,  Woods & Meadows, Water World, Age of the Dinosaurs, Proud Indians,  Fairy Tale World,  Heroic Knights and the Magic of Christmas. Its one of those items you will collect over the years and then be able to hand down to generations.

Usually the Holztiger's animals are reduced to their basic shapes to stimulate and encourage the children’s imagination through playing and learning. You will notice all their animals have friendly faces, which also does a great deal to accommodate the children's play instinct. Most figures are about 2.5 cm (1” inch) thick with a smooth feel to them, they are sturdy and perfect for every day play time. It’s a classic kids toy in Germany.

Recommended for kiddos ages 3+

In the USA you can find Holztiger @ Normaln&Jules, Amazon or FineWoodenToys.