Friendly faces from Donna Wilson



Donna Wilson, known for her quirky and colorful knitted lambswool creations, which can be a bit odd but charming at the same time (see below) now hand-paints wooden dolls as well. She is the winner of the "Designer of the Year" award at Elle Decoration's British Design Awards.

Inspired by her trips to Scandinavia and Japan, her wooden dolls (made of European oak) come with personality. Each hand-painted doll has its own name and embodies a certain person Donna has met and known in her life. They have friendly and curious faces and come in all different shapes and size. Their height varies between 22 - 29cm. Meet the entire family over at her website www.donnawilson.com.

Donna’s products sell in more than 25 countries by now but she is still determine to keep her production locally, in the UK, to support local craftsmanship. That should be supported!

Visit her store – they ship worldwide.