"THE WHOLE-BRAIN CHILD" – by Daniel Siegel and Tina Bryson

A practical and insightful guide to parenting and all its involved struggles

Recently a dear friend of mine gave me a fantastic recommendation on a book. It’s a book for any parent or caregiver who is eager to learn and better understand how our children’s brains actually work in each stage of their development – and in turn, to be a better parent and create a stronger relationship to your child. This book is all about how your child’s brain is wired and how to use this info. It says it clearly, and even though it is all scientific based, the book is easy to read, understand and not at all overly scientific.

We all know, parenting isn’t easy and understanding a two (three, four or fifteen) year old and what is going on in their mind is a challenge. But this book helps you tremendously to understand the stage of your kids brain development, what works yet and what is still developing and that logic is most likely not the tool to use in that moment until we connect on an emotional stage. And how to do though is a very constant support throughout this book.

It’s great for your own personal development and I love the books recommendations especially because the authors Daniel Siegel  (a neuropsychiatrist) and Tina Bryson (a parenting expert) give you alternating amazingly practical tips (including from their own personal lives) in daily situations. In fact the first day I started to listing to my audiobook version (I downloaded it via Audible) I was already able to use one of their tips in a situation with Mila just a few hours later.

We all know that certain situations actually require a calm parent in order to get out of it as peaceful as possible but this book gives you the scientific insights and explains you the powerful process behind the kids behaviors. The authors tips and recommendations might not be always your first natural reaction in a given situation as it might require extra time to calm the situation but I strongly believe it is way more effective. In the long-term personal development of your child but also the quality of relationship between your child and yourself will be deepened and further strengthened. Connect through conflict!

For more nurturing and deeper relationships between us and our children but also to cultivate meaningful connections between humans in general, we have to be committed to put in the extra work. This book will help you along the ride when some challenging toddler behaviors show to start and you are in need of practical and actually working ideas and advise.

This book is extremely clear and gives you a wonderful new perspective on how kids brains work (and adults for that matter) and how to work with this process instead of against it. 

Really, it is so good. Here you can listen to an audio sample. Thanks again, Pao!