WELEDA – Children’s Tooth Gel

A natural (great-tasting) protection for baby teeth

We have tried a few natural children’s toothpastes over the years now and this one is our favorite. It has a very mild flavor of spearmint and organic fennel and Mila loves the taste. She actually wants to brush her teeth after we are already done.

It’s free of anything you do not want in a (children’s) toothpaste, such as fluoride, SLS, sulfates, saccharin, artificial anything, triclosan, parabens, gluten, or dyes. No weird ingredients no one can pronounce. So it’s totally safe if the little ones are swallowing it down instead of spitting it in the sink.

Just so you know, it won’t foam as most tooth pastes you are used too but that’s ok. Therefore it doesn’t contain any chemical foaming agents.

Do you have a favorite toothpaste?