Getting cozy...


Recently I have had Teepees on my mind - a lot. When I was a child one of my favorite things to do was building forts, new homes & tents. Lots of blankets, scarves & pillows were involved. Only for the sole purpose of decorating the inside (did that for hours) and getting cozy. Now, that our daughter is in that age to appreciate it I started a little online search to hunt down the most beautiful teepee, which is out there. I found many I liked but this one takes the cake.

Love everything about this scene and how the items work together. From the feather detail & knot at the top, the openness, layers and mixes of fabrics & pillows. How cute are those poofs?

It could be a great DIY project over the holidays or you can just visit Bodie and Fou and click “add to bag”. It’s worth checking out their page as they have fabulous home décor stuff for little & big ones. And a good eye.