Petit Collage Floor Puzzle – OUR WORLD

A beautiful but also educational puzzle for toddlers

In our household we love to travel and anything international. My husband and I are both from different continents, we met on another continent and our daughter was born on yet another one. So the big wide world is intriguing to us, to say the least.

So whenever I come by interesting toys, which are related to the theme “world” or international stuff etc, I can’t stop myself (see also a previous post about a felt sticky felt map of our world). When I discovered the Petit Collage puzzle series featuring “our world” I couldn’t resist.

The puzzle consists of 24 bigger puzzle pieces (very sturdy cardboard), easy to grab for toddler fingers and it comes in a great, easy to store portable box. The illustrations of the local animals and plants are beautiful with vibrant colors and rounder shapes. I especially love that each continent is color-coded so it makes it easy for Mila to differentiate the parts of the map and complete the puzzle. It’s a fabulous way for kids to learn about maps, animals and their habitats and even cultural differences. It can be “just a puzzle” to learn fine motor skills but it can also be taken so much further. When we sit together on the floor and put this puzzle together it gives us lots of story-telling opportunities as well as a chance to talk about travel memories and all the animals she loves so much.

The design is printed neatly on the front of the box so it is easy for the toddler to look at while putting the puzzle together the first few times as a little help. It makes a great gift-to-go box as well.

Made of recycled materials and printed with vegetable inks, which is another plus. Other motives are available too. Shop here or here.