Vitamineral Green – A nutritional superfood

Our all-in-one nutritional insurance

Sometimes, especially when we are traveling or just have a busy day ahead of us, I tend to worry about Mila’s meals and giving her enough nutrients. So when I read about a green powder (Vitamineral Green) on a friend’s blog (she shares amazing recipes for kids and adults there too!) I had to try it. So basically it is a powder made of all things green you can find from the land (nettle leaf – parsley – wheat grass- chickweed etc), from the waters (spirulina & chlorella) and from the oceans (kelp – dulse – nori etc) – just to name a few. It’s a super potent combination of nature’s most nutritive superfoods, from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, to fibers and all essential amino acids (protein).

We started adding it to Mila’s breakfast a few days a week, but switched to adding it to her daily juice instead. This way the breakfast tastes like it is suppose to taste and the juice, since it’s a green smoothies most days anyways, doesn’t really change its flavor with the green powder so it’s a smooth ride in the morning. The powder doesn't have a very strong taste, but it does changes the flavors a bit. You can also just mix it with a little bit of juice, it will be more intense but less to swallow and deal with.

It’s not a meal replacement but a great source of most nutrients a growing child (or adult) needs. I know if she has this in the morning I know most nutritional needs will be covered for the day, which makes the following meals less worrisome.

It’s friendly for all diets from vegan, raw to gluten-free and organic. Thanks Juli for recommended it - we love it! Available here or here. Available in 3 sizes or capsules.

The above photos happened after Mila got her hands on the powder and smeared it all over her face.