Fast Table Chair




If a new mom would ask me what’s one essential item to get for the new baby this fast table chair would be high on the list. It basically travels with us everywhere – from just the pizza place around the corner, friends houses to weekend trips and it has even been on all of our Europe trips. This little guy is practically family. What I love so much about it: You get somewhere, attach it in a few moments to almost any table and the little ones get to sit with the big ones, same table & height. It collapses, folds flat and is easy to carry. I especially like to have my own chair rather than the restaurant ones, who knows when they have been cleaned last right? And at home I use it all the times for breakfasts at the kitchen bar rather than the high chair at the dining table. Or my daughter can watch & play while cooking a meal.

SIMPLE. EASY. ROCK SOLID. PORTABLE. And the design is minimalistic too. No fuzz, just form & function. Most of the hardware is UNDER the counter instead of above, so there's nothing sticking out. It has a pocket in the back for handy storage such a bib.

Its lightweight but if you are traveling long haul, every kilo/ pound counts right? So, we always managed to put it inside the car seat we travel with and wrap both in a big plastic bag before check in. Works like a charm.

Oh, and if you have a little accident and food is all over the place – just a quick wipe usually does the job. With tougher stains, just take the cover off and throw in washing machine.

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Always remember to buckle the little ones in!