ALL AROUND THE WORLD – a charming Sticker Album

Hours and hours of crafting fun with stickers

Yet another little gem to add to my WORLD & TRAVEL  obsession. This sticker book has eight foldout pages featuring different animal habitats and scenes. It takes children on a little journey around the world inviting them to place the hundreds of charming animal stickers into their environments and learn about the world, the different landscapes and animal habitats.  At the end of the book you will have traveled and met animals from the ocean, North American forest, tropical jungle, Sahara desert, and Arctic. The beautiful and quirky illustrations are by French artists Géraldine Cosneau.

When you are done you can rip each scene out and hang them up to the wall or left in the book to be used again. What’s neat also, is that on the back of each fold-out page, there are trace-able animals to color in.

For boys and girls, equally interesting. Mila might be still a bit on the young side to enjoy this book by herself because even though the stickers are reusable, they are delicate and have to be transferred with care.

It can be a great family activity together too moving the animals around in the different habitats and environments. Available from Amazon.