BABY BAAZAAR – Wood toys

Colorful wooden toys, which are fun and educational

We do not have any of the Baby Baazaar  toys yet, but when I recently saw them online I liked them right away. So much, I wanted to write about it. They produce exactly those toys you do not find easily. The team behind the brand is very carefully sourcing their products from small companies only, mostly in India. Companies and artisans, who care about the materials they use, and which impact they are making on the environment.

Each of their products will help local artisans to preserve their skilled traditions while supporting their families as well. From plush and wooden toys (enhanced with a special lac) to hand made books and animal alphabet flags. The lac on the wooden toys is actually a pretty fascinating material I did not know about before. Baby Baazaar explains, “The shiny finish of the toys is obtained from a lac finish, a natural resin secreted by tiny insects on certain trees. The substance is scraped off, cleaned, harvested, and purified. A lac stick (made by melting small pieces of lac, mixing it with pigments, and rolling it into sticks by hand - see photo below) is pressed against the wood while it turns on the lathe.” Fascinating, right?

You can visit their online shop and they have gifts sorted by price categories which can make the browsing easier sometimes.