Nest Designs – fold out clutch for stylish moms on-the-go

Clutch or Diaper bag?

Even though we are out of the diaper bag duties (for now) I clearly remember the endless (desperate) search for a cool diaper bag, which doesn’t look like one. A design piece, which is not an obvious baby item and one that can go with a stylish outfit too. Of course, now we are not in need for a diaper bag I am discovering the fold out clutch by Nest Design. This is probably not for the first time mom in her first few months as a mom as you might wanna have something bigger and roomier but once you get a hang of baby things you really need, this clutch seems like the perfect item.

Nest Design, a new upcoming brand from Canada, just launched the “Keira” clutch, which looks like a regular clutch (it’s stylish too) but it unfolds to a functional diaper pad.  On top, it comes with a detachable diaper pocket (great for when in use as a regular clutch only) and, how clever, a wet pouch for wipes on the go! You can also just throw it into your regular purse if you need to bring other stuff.

The clutch can be purchased online here. Nest Designs also carries bamboo blankets, sheets and bibs.