Run your own little town

WOOD TOWNS created by little people



I recently discovered little wood towns made by kiki+ (by Kukkia). This cool town set comes with buildings, trees, mountains and a car. Kids, big and small, can draw their own roads, erase them, move them…. Position cars, traffic signals, trees, hills and homes. Kids can play, invent, or use their own amazing imaginations to create and express themselves. All is made of eco-sound beech wood and safely embedded with tiny magnets—on two magnetized chalk boards. It’s kind of like SIMS [ the computer game ] but it gets your kids away from another piece of electronics!

Kids are like tiny artists… and with this town set the possibilities are endless! They also came out with a PARIS and a LONDON set.

Oh, and for all foodies, they also have a Hamburger and a funky Sushi set. So, looking for more beautiful engaging objects – shop here.