Collegien – hugs for the feet

And the winter weather is coming

We try to stick to the habit – well, for the most part - and take off our shoes when we come home. Since we live in a tropical climate we tend to wear Birkenstocks or other open shoes and Mila wears some easy to slip on light moccasins. It's cozy and I feel it is a bit more hygienic doing it this way.

When we go home (Germany or the US) during the colder months I always long for warm slippers. Something light but still totally capable of making your feet warm, cozy and comfy. The French company Collegien does exactly that with their “socks with a sole”. It’s basically a sock with an ergonomic rubber sole to give extra support and safety.

A genius idea, which has been around for almost 70 years. So they know what they are talking about. Besides all its functional aspects (machine washable, breathable sole, no sweating) they produce some of the cutest things you can put on your kids (or your own) feet. You can go nuts with the variety of models and colors they have. They start with as little as size 18 and the non-slip sole is actually great for babies who slowly take their first steps. Some models go up all the way to the knee for extra warmth and comfort. How great is that?

Collegien makes some pretty glitter tights too – nice to brighten up the sometimes very dark winter hues. They ship worldwide and have an online store – here!