Advent calendar fillers

Some ideas to fill the little pockets in December

This year I am kind of late to the start. Usually by this time of year I have the advent calendar filled and it’s ready to be hung. Not so this year, and I don’t really have an excuse either. I just kind of forgot but made up for it over the weekend and did a little brain storming of fun fillers to stuff the little pockets of Mila’s advent calendar this year. We usually keep it very simple with only small little treats and surprises but I included below some bigger ones too, perfect for stocking stuffers such as the ones from Luna*Zorro.

We are using the same advent calendar as last year from Kaethe Kruse but this one is no longer available. I found this one which is similar. Here are some filler ideas to share with you. As always I am curious to hear your ideas too. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Bananagrams” - Scrabble Light | $15


Petit Collage Puzzle - Different motives available | $5

Wooden fruits or vegetables – Split onto several advent calendar pockets | $18

Knitting Mushroom - A beautiful start into a new hobby | $9

Washi Tape - Everything looks better with it. Endless fun for kids too | $2

Spinning Tops - Something for every age | $10

Cute little wooden animal hooks to hang jackets, toys or bags | $20

Glowing in the dark stars -  Good for multiple pockets too | $5

A new toy car – Never a bad choice. Our favorite is the pull back one from kiko+ | $25

Seed Bombs - A pocket sized garden | $9

So Awesome wallet cards. This Saturday they have a sale ONE FOR ONE: With every set you purchase, they will help a person in need. | $8

Fun crayons such as these stack-able ones – Can be split onto several pockets | $15

Glux Glow Putty – Stretches + bounces + glows and when frozen shatters like ceramic | $7

Schleich animals - A classic, never out of style | $3

Tegu pocket pouch – Can also be split onto several advent calendar pockets | $25


Yoy-Yo – Always a good choice | $7

Wooden animals from Holztiger - Beauties for many generations to enjoy | $9

Fun toys for bath time available here | $12

Beautiful stickers – Or even a sticker club membership from Pipsticks | $15

YUME – Beautiful handmade hair accessories from Brooklyn | $12

This year I will mix in little cards saying “today there will be an extra dessert for you” or “today you pick one toy or book which you will donate to another child in need” or “tonight there will be dinner at a restaurant” or “today you get to pick the (Christmas) music and we will have a family dance party” or “tonight we are going to read an extra book” and so on. What are you filling your calendar(s) with?