Momoll – Handcrafted for little hands and a big curiosity

Sustainable wooden toys from Switzerland

Momoll is a world of wooden toys and children’s furniture, which are all manufactured by hand. I particularly like their modern aesthetics and clear colors – all toys are kind of minimal and reduced to their essentials, leaving extra room for imagination.

Their series of wooden animals ranges from turtle, penguin and crocodile to snail, llama, deer, giraffe and even a moose and dragon. The bodies, legs and ears or horns of all animals are interchangeable and can be endlessly recombined again and again. There is a wooden play barn available too.

Momoll is also known for their fresh and modern play kitchen, which can also be turned into a puppet theatre, a grocery store and even a diner. Unfortunately I found out about their kitchen after ordering our play kitchen for Mila (which is also nice, but not as nice and definitely not so versatile).

The coolest thing however is the multifunctional modular play tower. At first sight it seems a simple modern glass house, but it can be so much more. Ranging from dollhouse to garage, hospital, or worktstation. This expandable (almost no height limitations) play tower can grow with the kid’s imagination and it comes with a variety of materials incl plexiglas. Kids who are into cars will love the ramp option. There are sliding walls and sleek modern furniture for a contemporary look if the play tower is a doll house.

You can shop Momoll in their own online shop or visit one of their retailers.

Nice to know: All wood is from 100% sustainable managed forests.